Innovation, Transformation and the Pursuit of Excellence

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This edition (No. 8) of the Passion Newsletter differs from past issues in both structure and content. The theme, fittingly, is Change, capturing PwC colleagues’ spirit of constant innovation and pursuit of excellence.

The world is changing rapidly. Whether it is global climate change, the world’s shifting economic center of gravity, thawing cross-Strait relations, or even the development of our domestic political and economic environment, changing realities make us deeply aware that to maintain the status quo is to await elimination. Instead, if we want to Be Distinctive and build our core competitive strength, we must grasp the changing trends in our macro-environment and actively transform ourselves. The most important force driving social change, I believe, is the younger generation, and young colleagues at PwC are a particularly elite group. With their boundless enthusiasm and high ideals, they will no doubt be a wellspring of vitality for PwC Taiwan and the larger society for years to come.

Late April to the end of May is “crunch” time at accounting firms, and colleagues’ workloads are very heavy. Sometimes, when I walk through our offices or grab a bite to eat on the first floor, I think of our hard-working colleagues putting in long hours going to client locations or PwC branches, and I can’t help feeling guilty that I am unable to share directly in their hardships.

It’s hard work, working in an accounting firm, but it is also filled with rewarding challenges and learning opportunities. In meetings with partners, I always earnestly hope PwC can break through the rigid stereotypes imposed on accounting firms by the outside world. Our goals must be to complete work more efficiently and reduce the need for extensive overtime, which can be done by stabilizing quality and work processes while cultivating good habits – planning sensibly and preparing thoroughly in all things – and making good use of the resources and technology in the PwC system. I also hope PwC Taiwan managers will devote all their concern to looking after colleagues’ wellbeing, especially their health and safety, so their families can set their minds at ease.

On 21 April, the IMF announced that global economic recovery this year was proceeding better than expected. The IMF report noted that Taiwan’s GDP was forecast to grow 6.5% in 2010, outpacing Hong Kong (5%), Singapore (5.7%) and South Korea (4.5%). Thanks to the hard work of all our colleagues, PwC Taiwan too has had some pretty good results in the last several months, especially in terms of the wide recognition we have won for our professional services and social responsibility initiatives.
Economic recovery should be even more evident in the second half of the year, and I ask HR and LoS leaders to get together for discussions so they can propose next year’s compensation plan as soon as possible, based on a fair and reasonable performance incentive system, and increase remuneration for all excellent colleagues.

There is always room for improvement even at the most excellent organizations, so I hope colleagues will readily convey any suggestions they have to their managing partner or to me. Let’s go the extra mile to create a wonderful future for your PwC!



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